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In the heart of The City

"Downtown tour" this tour is good for people who want to know history of California and San Francisco, who want to see monuments, buildings and views, who want to discover hidden places and know the secrets of that hilarious city! We will see and speak about:
- Ferry Building,
- California state seal,
- 1906 earthquake,
- Market Street,
- Southern Pacific building,
- Mechanics monuement,
- Palace hotel,
- Ghirardelli store,
- Rooftop garden in the middle of the city,
- Union square.

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Be on time
Please check the schedule here. We start at 10 a.m on weekdays (no service at weekends - sorry).
San Francisco
This unique tour will show you a new perspective of history and beauty of this stunning city.
The tours are completely free!
The starting location:
Near Ferry Building Historic Landmark
One Ferry Building, San Francisco, California, 94111.

Why to choose free walking tours?
Three good reasons to go
Free walking tours will give you an ample perspective, provide a consistent program and an opportunity to do discover The City.
One: New perspective
Have never been in San Francisco and want to experience it all at once? Or maybe you are local and want to know more about history of your favourite places? If you are interested in cultural exploration and like to explore places by foot, this is a perfect tour for you. In the Heart of The City we will enable you to experience every step on the route and our guides will make sure you are getting the most of it.
Two: Consistent program
On the way, expect truly exciting city walk, landmark visits, and shopping opportunities (buy what you don't need opportunities))). We have the best stories and terrific energy to share with you, so you won't be bored. Our crew will be happy to provide unforgettable experience.
Three: Best way to discover The City
Who doesn't like a good souvenir? We know everything about flea markets and food festivals on our trip, and we certainly will provide you an opportunity to dive in. The City is full of discoveries and whatever your tastes are, you will find something special to treat your loved ones.
Tour details
We start at 10 on weekdays
You can get to our tour after waking up and having a breakfast. We don't start too early)
Group age: any age!
We will have additional visual communication through pictures, graphs and charts.
Just push a button to notify us about your wish to attend the tour to better understand how many people going to be on the tour
Watch a tour video September's group kindly shared with us:
what else included?
Mostly fun.
It includes energy of the city, best downtown views,
and fun. Mostly fun. - free walking tours in San Francisco. - for questions.

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